Parking Management app with integration to Paycom

Parking Management app built on with custom responsive Customer Community. Remote employees could log into the Community to Clock in/ Clock out. The time punches were automatically sent to Paycom for payroll processing.

Cloud-based Dental Charting solution

Custom cloud-based application built using Microsoft .Net and Azure. The solution allowed dentists to retrieve patient information and perform charting and referral functions. In addition, multiple users could work on the same patient chart at one time. to Service Now integration

Cases initiated in Salesforce were automatically sent to a 3rd party company for servicing. The 3rd party company made status updates and notes in their instance of ServiceNow, which were sent back to Salesforce for tracking and QA.

Preventative Maintenance Field Service & Support app

Mobile application built on the platform for field service technicians. Technicians used the app to clock in / clock out from their mobile devices, as well as track routine maintenance on hospital equipment.

Custom website built using Lightning

Corporate website built using lightning components. Website visitor behaviors would trigger specific marketing actions inside of Salesforce. After logging in, customer content would be available in restricted areas of the website.

Custom app published on the Salesforce App Exchange

A Platinum Professional Services customer had an idea for an improvement to the native approval process. We designed and implemented a solution in 8 weeks. Our team helped the customer pass the security review so that their app could be published on the App Exchange.

Managed Support for Custom .Net Back Office Accounting system

As one of offerings, we provided Salesforce and Dot Net managed support services that enabled our customer to operate successfully across the U.S. Our team was able to get up to speed on a custom Accounting software within 30 days, and effectively provide break-fix and enhancement solutions to the customer. This fixed cost model allowed the customer to manage requests within a fixed budget each month.

Higher Ed Recruitment solution with integration to Student Information System (SIS)

We worked with a higher education institution to configure their CRM (SalesForce) system to ensure that leads were being captured, tracked and auto-routed to the appropriate recruiter. Our detailed reporting included follow-up details, and management notifications when needed.

Parking Management Data Hub & Analytics solution using Dell Boomi

We worked with a large parking management company to collect revenue and ticket data from multiple garages using Dell Boomi integration tools. Once the data was collected in the “data hub”, we created processes and workflows to organize it for distribution, sharing, and detailed reporting. A critical “owner monthly revenue report” that formerly took weeks to generate was reduced to one day. Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, this data was also used for risk management and mitigation purposes.

Custom Calendar solution

This product is a fully configurable, dynamic calendar built on the platform. It allows your users an easy, visual way to track and create a calendar entry from any record in Salesforce (both standard or custom objects). Examples include key dates for ongoing campaigns, follow-up for important support cases, site survey deadlines, etc. It can also be configured to send email reminders, as well as display as a widget on your homepage.

Parking Valet Management solution

This solution is an valet parking application designed for Events and built on the platform. It allows Managers to easily plan, staff, and control valet events, while allowing the event staff to report revenue, enter time and submit damage claims. In addition, HQ Valet Managers and Valet staff can communicate to each other via a secure portal. This cloud-based software makes your parking operation more profitable by providing real-time reporting on all event activities.