Problems We Solve

Problems We Solve

We leverage technology to solve real problems in the healthcare, retail, education and transportation industries.


In the transportation industry, a good portion of the workforce is geographically dispersed and constantly on the move. Having real time access to a corporate system via a mobile device will allow better customer service at the point of service. We provide technology solutions to multi-location enterprises that will increase scheduling efficiency, workforce utilization and company wide collaboration.


Colleges and universities are searching for cost-effective ways to increase recruiting, deliver a richer learning experience, engage students and provide mobile access to curriculum, grades, schedules and events. We help build institution-wide mobility strategies that can help higher education institutions better communicate, collaborate and recruit.


We connect retailers with shoppers through digital and mobile solutions. Retailers are trying to figure out how to better engage with their customers across all channels. Almost half of mobile device shoppers say that apps strengthen brand connection. Integrating modern technology such a iBeacon location awareness, we help you build strategies to understand how your customers engage with your brand in a brick and mortar store, online or on a mobile device.


The Healthcare industry is quickly recognizing the benefits of mobility in healthcare. Providers face significant economic pressure, and in order to retain loyal patients, they seek technological innovations that will strengthen their patient relationship. We offer a wide range of mobile healthcare solutions that drive engagement in the provider / patient relationship. We work with providers and consumers to create web and mobile apps that enhance the quality and effectiveness of healthcare.